Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)

Above and below: A Blue Jay poses for portraits in our Pasadena, Maryland yard (4/27/2012).

Above: A Blue Jay posing in my yard near Fort Smallwood, Maryland (5/16/2007).

Below four: Adult Blue Jays in Cass Co., Indiana (12/27/2006).

Below: Filling its crop with sunflower seeds.

Below two: Several of the hundreds of migrant Blue Jays streaming past Turkey Point, Cecil Co., Maryland (9/23/2007). Note the white trailing edge on the secondaries.

Below: A Blue Jay in our yard in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland (7/8/2007).

Below: A Blue Jay at dawn in Pickering Creek, Talbot Co., Maryland (12/3/2005)

Below: Photographed in the western part of Adirondack Park, New York (8/24/2005).

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