Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)

Above: An adult Red-tailed Hawk hunts the edge of a field in Carroll Co., Maryland (1/27/2008).
Below: An immature Red-tailed Hawk in Kent Co., Maryland (11/10/2006).

Below: Adult Red-tailed Hawk at Tippecanoe River State Park, Indiana (12/27/2005).

Below: A Red-tailed Hawk perches patiently by the roadside in Somerset Co., Maryland (7/20/2008).

Below four: Young Red-tailed Hawks enjoying summer vacation at Alligator River NWR, NC (6/24/2006). All teenagers are obsessed with their appearance.

Strike a pose.

Below: An adult Red-tailed Hawk soars over Carroll Co., Maryland (10/8/2006).

Below two: An adult Red-tailed Hawk takes advantage of the abundant Canada Geese, Frederick Co., Maryland (11/17/2007). We didn't see the hawk take this goose, so it could be scavenging another predator's feast.

Below: A "Northern" Red-tailed Hawk in Somerset Co., Maryland (11/23/2008).

Below: A "Northern" Red-tailed Hawk in Harford Co., Maryland (12/20/2013).

Western U.S. Red-tailed Hawks

Below: An adult western Red-tailed Hawk in Sulphur Springs Valley, Arizona (1/8/2007).

Below: A juvenile western Red-tailed Hawk near Craters of the Moon, Idaho (6/22/2005).

Below: A western Red-tailed Hawk in southeastern Arizona (8/6/2008).

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