Snowy Owl (Nyctea scandiaca)

Above and below two: A beautiful Snowy Owl on the ORV zone on Assateague Island, Maryland (11/16/2008). The bird was first located by park staff on 11/7, and it was re-found during the Rarity Roundup by Stan Arnold and Kevin Graff.

Below four: A Snowy Owl hunts along the beach on Assateague Island, Maryland (1/17/2009). These lucky photos were not acquired by approaching the bird, but were snapped by luck when the bird flew past us and out over the ocean as we drove back. We snapped a few photos of the gorgeous creature before leaving it to it's dinner arrangements.

Below four: A young Snowy Owl visits Elliott Island Road in Dorchester Co., Maryland (12/18/2005).

Below: A Snowy Owl in Frederick Co., Maryland (12/19/2013).

Below: A Snowy Owl continues on the Bay Bridge in Queen Anne's Co., Maryland (12/7/2013).

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