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New photos taken on the Eastern Shore on 12/3 and in Harford and Cecil Counties, Maryland on 12/4.
Below are four photos of a vagrant Black-capped Chickadee taken in western Cecil Co., Maryland (12/4/2005).

MDOsprey post from Jim Stasz (11/9/2005): "I might add something that is not in most field guides. If you look at where the black of the head meets the nape, on Carolina the black is rounded and has a limited boundary with the gray back and on Black-capped, the nape is squared with a larger shared boundary with the gray of the back. Additionally, the corners of the bib on Black-capped are "ragged".

The Black-caps that are arriving are from the northern subspecies and are different from the residents of western Maryland and most of Pennsylvania. They average larger, have proportionately long tails [watch when they fly onerhead] and the very white cheeks really contrast with the underparts..."

Below: Male Purple Finch - Pickering Creek, Talbot Co., Maryland (12/3/2005)

Below: Drake Bufflehead in flight - Bayside Talbot Co., Maryland (12/3/2005)

Below two: White-breasted Nuthatch - Cecil Co., Maryland (12/4/2005)
I really like this photo--you can actually see the tiny insect larva it found.

Below: Red-breasted Nuthatch in western Cecil Co., Maryland (12/4/2005)

Below: Blue Jay at Dawn - Pickering Creek, Talbot Co., Maryland (12/3/2005)

Below: A true mega-rarity recorded in Wicomico Co., Maryland (12/3/2005)

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