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An afternoon at Cromwell Valley Park in Baltimore Co., Maryland. Last updated: 7/20/2006

Above and below: A nesting male American Goldfinch foraging actively.

Below two: An adult Barn Swallow and very recently fledged young, respectively.

Below two: An adult and a hatch-year Chipping Sparrow, respectively.

Below: A female House Finch

Below: A recently fledged Red-bellied Woodpecker that was still accepting handouts from dad.

Below: A young Song Sparrow

Below: A White-tailed Deer fawn

Below: From back in May, actually. A White-breasted Nuthatch carrying food into its nesting cavity at Middle Patuxent Environmental Area, Howard Co., Maryland (5/24/2006).

Featured Conservation Project: The Junín Grebe

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