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Last updated: 12/17/2005. Various locations in Maryland.

Above and below: A Lapland Longspur on River Road in Montgomery Co., Maryland (12/17/2005). The two birds there today were my long-awaited first sightings in Maryland. Also present nearby were 100+ Horned Larks, 6 Purple Finches, several American Pipits (flew by), and a nice surprise - a Vesper Sparrow.

Above and below: A vagrant female Rufous Hummingbird sips one last energy drink before the cold night -
Howard Co., Maryland (12/14/2005). Shooting at dusk beside a red light was definitely a new challenge!
Many thanks to the hospitable homeowners.

Photography Step 1: Build rapport.

Below three: Franklin's Gull (1st winter) at the Salisbury Landfill, Wicomico Co., Maryland (12/10/2005).

Below two: 1st winter Nelson's Gull (Glaucous x Herring hybrid) at the Salisbury Landfill (12/10/2005)

Below: Fish Crow at the Salisbury Landfill, Wicomico Co., Maryland (12/10/2005)

Below two: Hatch-year male Rufous Hummingbird in Calvert Co., Maryland (12/9/2005).
Thanks to Jim Stasz for the great find and hospitality!

Below four: Purple Sandpipers at the Ocean City Inlet, Worcester Co., Maryland (12/10/2005)

Below two: An American Oystercatcher at the inlet (12/10/2005)

Below: Sanderlings at the inlet (12/10/2005)

Below: Hen Long-tailed Duck at the O.C. Inlet (12/10/2005)

Below: Eurasian Wigeon at the Eagle's Landing Golf Course, Worcester Co., Maryland (12/10/2005)

Below two: Ruby-crowned Kinglet in Somerset Co., Maryland (12/11/2005)

Below: Sika Deer on Assateague Island, Worcester Co., Maryland (12/10/2005)

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