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From the archives: Another set of Costa Rica photos from March of 2007  Last updated: 1/17/2008.

Above and below: A Volcano Hummingbird in the Talamancas (3/2007)

Below: A Chestnut-backed Antbird on the Osa Peninsula

Below: A Crested Caracara poses along a roadside on the Osa Peninsula

Below: An Amazon Kingfisher hunts along the Rio Tarcoles

Below: A Roadside Hawk on the Osa Peninsula

Below: A Cinnamon Hummingbird near the town of Grecia

Below: A female Golden Silk Orbweaver (Nephila clavipes), also known as a Banana Spider.

Below: Northern Jacanas

Below: A female Gray-tailed Mountain-Gem in the foothills near Cerro de la Muerte.

Below: A Coatimundi near Santa Elena

Below: A Social Flycatcher near Monteverde

Below: A Fiery-throated Hummingbird near Cerro de la Muerte

Below: A Brown Violet-ear near the La Paz waterfalls

Below: A distant Bay-headed Tanager at Carara

Below: An Inca Dove in the town of Jaco

Below: A male White-collared Seed-eater on the Osa Peninsula

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