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Eastern Shore of Maryland - "Rarity Roundup" Weekend. Last updated: 11/12/2007.

Above and below two: Two gray-morph Eastern Screech-Owls in Worcester Co., Maryland (11/10/2007).
Special thanks to lighting specialist Matt Hafner.

Below eight: The Rarity Roundup team comes through - Cave Swallows in Worcester Co., Maryland (11/11/2007). The first four images show the first individual, which was found at the Rum Pointe golf course, Worcester Co., Maryland (11/11/2007).

Below: The following images show another Cave Swallow photographed from the parking lot northwest of the bridge to Assateague Island (~11:40 a.m.). There were at least two, but possibly up to four, individuals present.

Below: A Slate-colored Junco on Assateague Island, Worcester Co., Maryland (11/11/2007).

Below: An adult Bald Eagle soars over Worcester Co., Maryland (11/11/2007).

Below four: An American Robin inspects its flock's chosen bathing area, a boat beside a hedgerow of berry-laden Russian Olive.

Below: One of four Eurasian Collared-Doves found at South Point, Worcester Co., Maryland (11/10/2007). Taylor McLean found one here during the Rarity Roundup on 11/10 and Dave Powell found four on 11/11. This is a new high count for the state.

Below: A hen Bufflehead in Worcester Co., Maryland (11/10/2007).

Below: An American Goldfinch in Worcester Co., Maryland (11/11/2007).

Below: A Baltimore Oriole feeding on Russian Olive north of Assateague Island (11/10/2007).

Below: A female Northern Cardinal on Assateague Island, Maryland (11/11/2007).

Below: Commensal feeding--the American Wigeon at this Worcester Co. pond were taking advantage of the aquatic vegetation being brought to the surface by the many diving birds such as American Coots, Ring-necked Ducks, and Ruddy Ducks.

Below: A male Belted Kingfisher pauses before a successful plunge-dive in Wicomico Co., Maryland (11/11/2007).

Below: A Brown Creeper tries out an alternate hairstyle in Kent Co., Maryland (11/9/2007).

Below: A Richardson's Cackling Goose poses with a Canada Goose at Chesapeake Farms, Kent Co., Maryland (11/9/2007).
J.B. Churchill spotted this bird at 30 mph--nice work!

Below: An Eastern Phoebe in Worcester Co., where the species winters in small numbers.

Below: A Gambel's White-crowned Sparrow at Chesapeake Farms, Kent Co., Maryland (11/9/2007). Interestingly, many of the state's records of this subspecies come from this part of the state. This was my second in the state; the other was just a couple miles away on 2/25/2007 with Jim Brighton.

Below: Here's an Eastern White-crowned at the same location for comparison. Note especially the dark lore. This field mark stands out even more in most Eastern individuals. Note that the Gambel's doesn't have even a suggestion of dark in the lore.

Below: Sometimes even House Sparrows get recognition at

Below: A Golden-crowned Kinglet forages in my favorite patch of morning light at Assateague Bayside (11/11/2007).

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