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A week in Hawaii: O'ahu and Kauai. Last updated: 2/15/2007.

Above and below four: Bristle-thighed Curlews on O'ahu (2/8/2007).

Below: An Apapane nectars on O'hia Lehua in Kokee SP, Kauai (2/10/2007).

Below: A Kauai Amakihi along a high ridge in Kokee SP, Kauai (2/10/2007).

Below two: A Kauai Elepaio along the Alakai Swamp Trail, Kauai (2/11/2007).

Below: The declining O'ahu Elepaio, which I've had a much harder time finding (2/13/2007).

Below three: The Red Junglefowl of Kauai's rainforests are descendants of the "Moa" brought to Hawaii by early Polynesian settlers (2/10/2007).

Below: A Hawaiian Coot on O'ahu, Hawaii (2/4/2007).

Below: A Hawaiian Stilt at the Kahuku Shrimp Ponds on O'ahu (2/4/2007).

Below: A yawning adult Black-crowned Night-heron at dawn on O'ahu (2/4/2007).

Below: A Pueo - the native Hawaiian subspecies of Short-eared Owl - hunts at dusk on O'ahu (2/8/2007).

Below: A minima race Cackling Goose wintering at James Campbell NWR on O'ahu (2/8/2007).

Below: A Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, a rare but regular visitor to O'ahu (2/8/2007).

Below: Another Hawaiian rarity, a first-winter Laughing Gull on O'ahu (2/8/2007). Other rare finds this day were Great Blue Heron and White-faced Ibis--not birds I would expect to fly thousands of miles over the Pacific Ocean.

Below: A snipe, previously identified as Wilson's, at James Campbell NWR on O'ahu (2/8/2007).

Below: Pacific Golden-Plover on O'ahu (2/2007). The fourth images shows plumage and primary details.

Below two: A pair of Koloa (Hawaiian Duck) x Mallards at the Kahuku Shrimp Ponds on O'ahu (2/4/2007). Although these birds look to me exactly like their pure-blooded relatives on Kauai, all recent DNA testing of O'ahu Koloa has uncovered at least some Mallard DNA.

Below: An Erckel's Francolin in the Waianae range of O'ahu (2/2007).

Below: A curious Red-billed Leiothrix checks me out in a mixed O'ahu forest (2/4/2007).

Below: A Red-whiskered Bulbul poses at dawn (2/3/2007).

Below: A Red-vented Bulbul on O'ahu's North Shore (2/8/2007).

Below: A Rose-ringed Parakeet along the Tantalus Loop on O'ahu, Hawaii (2/3/2007).

Below: A Zebra Dove resting near Punchbowl Cemetery on O'ahu (2/2/2007).

Below: A Spotted Dove in Punchbowl Cemetery on O'ahu (2/2/2007).

Below two: Adult and recently fledged Red-crested Cardinals on O'ahu (2/5/2007).

Below: Adult and female/juvenile Yellow-fronted Canaries in Kapiolani Park, O'ahu (2/5/2007).

Below: A Common Myna - Hawaii's starling - on O'ahu (2/3/2007).

Below: An adult Java Sparrow in Kapiolani Park on O'ahu (2/2007).

Below: A Japanese White-eye - the most abundant bird in Hawaii - on O'ahu's North Shore (2/4/2007).

Below: An adult Common Waxbill feeding on grass seeds on O'ahu (2/5/2007).

Below five: Native montane rainforest in northwestern Kauai (2/2007).

Below: View from a peak above Kolekole Pass in O'ahu's Waianae range (2/3/2007).

Below: A sweeping panorama of Waimea Canyon on Kauai (2/11/2007).

Below: It's never too early to start loving nature.

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