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Late December in Maryland. Last updated: 12/26/2008.

Above and below: Pine Siskins visiting my yard in Pasadena, Maryland (12/25/2008).

Below: A Pine Siskin feeds side-by-side with an American Goldfinch (Pasadena, MD, 12/25/2008).

Below: Up close and personal with a Rock Pigeon in Pasadena, Maryland (12/25/2008).

Below: An American Goldfinch in Pasadena, Maryland (12/25/2008).

Below: Our yard's celebrity goldfinch,"Old Whiteface," enjoys his second Christmas at Casa de Hubick (12/25/2008).

Below: A male House Finch in Pasadena, Maryland (12/25/2008).

Below: A second-winter Herring Gull at the Ocean City Inlet, Maryland (12/26/2008).

Below: Feather details on a Red-winged Blackbird (Pasadena, Maryland, 12/25/2008).

Below: A Ring-billed Gull at the Ocean City Inlet, Maryland (12/26/2008).

Below five: Trumpeter Swan #962 continuing at Schoolhouse Pond, Upper Marlboro, Maryland (12/21/2008). The bird has shed its wing tags, but wears a ring on its left leg (619 20962).

Below: A Lark Sparrow continues its winter stay in Somerset Co., Maryland (12/5/2008). During this visit, the bird was actually doing a bit of singing.

Below: A Western Kingbird in Somerset Co., Maryland (12/5/2008). We took only distant photos to ensure that it wasn't flushed before other birders could arrive.

Below: A male Baltimore Oriole in Somerset Co., Maryland (12/5/2008).

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