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Assorted photos from Maryland and coastal Virginia. Last updated: 8/20/2006

Above: Documentation photos of a Great White Heron (A. h. occidentalis) at Eastern Neck NWR, Kent Co., Maryland (8/12/2006). This was the third record of this subspecies in Maryland, which is usually restricted to southern Florida. (8/20/2006).

Below: A Black Tern in Kent Co., Maryland (8/20/2006).

Below: A rare-in-Maryland Eurasian Collared-Dove photographed in Frederick Co., Maryland (8/12/2006). This was the first chaseable Eurasian Collared-Dove in Maryland.

Above and below: A secretive Clapper Rail ventures beyond the marsh grasses at dusk in Somerset Co., Maryland (8/6/2006).

Below: Swamp Rose Mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos) in Worcester Co., Maryland (8/6/2006).

Below: Horse Egrets... I mean, Cattle Egrets... in Worcester Co., Maryland (8/6/2006). This species has naturally extended its range from Africa to every continent but Antarctica. It specializes in feeding on insects kicked up by grazing mammals. It seems horses and cattle work just as well as zebras and rhinos.

Below: A Spotted Sandpiper in basic plumage (i.e., winter plumage) in Accomack Co., Virginia (8/6/2006).

Below: Lord of the Dance! Hans Holbrook demonstrates one of the most complex and dangerous bug-netting moves ever attempted.

Below: A couple documentation photos of a Brown Booby at Fort Story, Virginia (8/6/2006). This sixth state record was discovered by my friends Matt and Kim Hafner.

Below: The sun setting over Talbot Co., Maryland (8/5/2006).

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