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Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Last updated: 4/24/2006

Above and below: Gray-crowned Yellowthroat at Sabal Palms Grove, Texas (4/23/2006).

Below: A Great Kiskadee--one of the most entertaining birds I've ever seen.

Below: Curve-billed Thrasher near Zapata, Texas (4/21/2006).

Below: Golden-fronted Woodpecker.

Below: Harris's Hawk. It appears he's been hunting from this perch for a while.

Below: Scissor-tailed Flycatchers were wonderfully common and widespread.

Below: A pair of Pyrrhuloxia, desert relatives the cardinal.

Below: A male Hooded Oriole.

Below: A Black-crested Titmouse.

Below: A male Altamira Oriole.

Below: A male Great-tailed Grackle.

Below: A pair of happy homemakers. Green Parakeets near Old Fort Brown in Brownsville (4/23/2006).

Below two: One of the most interesting specialties of the Valley, the Plain Chachalaca.

Below: Audubon's Orioles taking advantage of a feeding station.

Below: A Long-billed Dowitcher (right) and Stilt Sandpiper (left). This flock consisted of at least 30 Stilt Sandpipers. As Central Flyway migrants, these species are much more common here than in the East.

Below: The tiny Least Grebe working a shallow canal.

Below two: A Tamaulipas Crow croaking in Brownsville (4/23/2006).

Below: A Chihuahuan Raven in the desert north of Brownsville (4/23/2006).

Below: A Crested Caracara scouting from a favored perch beside the highway.

Below two: Couch's Kingbird and Tropical Kingbird, respectively. These two species are best distinguished by voice, but Couch's favors woodland areas, while Tropical is more likely to be found locally in LRGV towns and arid areas.

Below: Verdin at Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park, Texas (4/22/2006).

Below: A foraging White-tipped Dove.

Below: A Ringed Kingfisher at Santa Ana (4/22/2006).

Below: Cassin's Sparrow in the desert north of Brownsville (4/23/2006).

Below: Cactus Wren, Interior subspecies (C. b. couesi).

Below: Bronzed Cowbird.

Below: Buff-bellied Hummingbird.

Below: Olive Sparrow with nesting material (4/22/2006).

Below: A Groove-billed Ani at Santa Ana (4/23/2006).

Below: A gorgeous Aplomado Falcon near Brownsville (4/23/2006).

Below: A Clay-colored Robin singing for me and Ken Behrens at Santa Ana (4/23/2006).

Below: A pair of Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks. This cavity-nesting species does surprisingly well in residential and suburban areas of southern Texas.

Below: Unfortunately, this was the best shot I got of one of the showiest species of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, the Green Jay.

Below: A distant photo of a presumed Tropical x Northern Parula hybrid at Santa Ana. (Willow 1 area, 4/22/2006).

Featured Conservation Project: The Junín Grebe

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