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Eastern Shore of Maryland. Last updated: 8/22/2006

Above and below four: A pair of Black Scoters at Black Walnut Point, Talbot Co., Maryland (8/22/2006).
A sight much more common in this area in winter.

Below: A Bank Swallow in Dorchester Co., Maryland (8/22/2006). "OK, now work it... hold it... now give me 'coy'".

Below: A close-up of a juvenile Barn Swallow in Dorchester Co., Maryland (8/22/2006).

Below: And here are both species exchanging some inter-family small talk...

Below: A Snowy Egret in Dorchester Co., Maryland (8/22/2006).

Below: A Solitary Sandpiper in Queen Anne's Co., Maryland (8/22/2006).

Below: This young Osprey just found out that they approved the Blackwater development plan.
Blackwater NWR, Maryland (8/22/2006).

Below: A strange, probably partially leucistic juvenile starling at Blackwater NWR, Maryland (8/22/2006).

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